Separation or Divorce with Kids: What You Need to Know

If you and your spouse decide to live apart, it could be reasonable to contact divorce lawyers serving Newmarket, Aurora, Keswick, East Gwillimbury, Bradford and Georgina to understand the new terms and options of your life better. Here there are some facts you need to know about separation and divorce, especially in families with kids.

What Means Separation?

Family lawyers say that separation is separate living of spouses. It does not automatically lead to divorcing, husband and wife can live apart indefinitely in time without a divorce filing before one of them would like to/ marry again. Separation brings new life situation to react. That is why family lawyers Newmarket recommend getting an expert consultation in order to know and fully understand your rights and obligations, rights of your kids during separation.

Basically, a family lawyer can advise you to make a Settlement Agreement. In this document, which can be either in the spoken or written form, you and your spouse need to define the essential terms and conditions, like child custody and access, property, financial obligations before a spouse or kids, debts of any kind and other subjects important to you.

In order to empower such a Separation Agreement in court, in case your spouse violates it anyhow, family lawyers Aurora recommend making this contract properly, in writing, according to all legal norms that are settled in the Family Law Act and due to the all appropriate province litigation procedures. This means that any time you need to fight for your rights, and better with a family lawyer by your side, you will have a clear definition of what has been breached and can win the case.

What Means Divorce?

If spouses live separately more than one full year and would like to be granted a divorce, they will definitely need to consult a local divorce lawyer. Divorce lawyers Aurora or family lawyers Newmarket can assist you with a divorce lawsuit filling, finding legal grounds of the divorce, child custody matters and many other subjects to negotiate while you change your family status ultimately.

Besides, a divorce lawyer Newmarket can be by your side if you have received all the divorce papers from your spouse. Under such circumstances, the plaintiff will be trying their best to prove that your marriage is broken apart and is impossible to repair. You will be certainly feeling more confident with a divorce lawyer Aurora by your side during the pre-court and in-court negotiations and law procedures.

The last but not the least by the provincial law your kids are granted the full right to act according to their best interest. This means that parents should negotiate and define the major issues, like access, living with one of the parents, all the financial conditions of living and a financial support, education, to name a few. The experienced family lawyers will be most helpful in all the cases of misunderstanding between spouses to make the agreement process more smooth. Joint custody can be the most common way out from the divorce, family lawyers Aurora say. However, the terms of such a custody are different from case to case.

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