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An employment lawyer is a legal representative dealing with all aspects of employment. In these procedures he or she is guided by labour law - a body of rules which address the legal rights of, and restrictions on, working people and their organizations.

Employment lawyers help with issues of employment agreements and other documents you draw up with the employer. Contract of employment is the most important document in this respect and lawyers assist employees with legal advice. They also help resolve different issues and conflicts arising from misunderstanding or outright wrongdoing concerning minimum wage, working time, health and safety.

Sometimes the lawyers may ask for the assistance of an expert digital forensics company in personal sensitive information checking to come up with the evidence that can help your case.

An important area for employment lawyers is anti-discrimination field of employment jurisdiction, and sometimes connected with it, unfair or wrongful dismissal. In the last case the lawyer determines the legal value and financial relevance of your severance package, figures out if the conditions of parting were fair and files an official complaint of he considered the dismissal unlawful.

In terms of anti-discrimination law many employment lawyers today deal with case in sexual and racial discrimination, as well as the discrimination of sexual minorities and people with special needs in the workplace. More and more court cases are resolved in favour of the plaintiff which gives hope for a better discrimination-free working environment. So if you feel you need advice in labour law don't hesitate to seek it today. Help is always there.

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